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Ostia Antica: Unveiling Ancient Rome's Marvels

Ostia Antica is an archaeological site in Rome that was initially established by Ancus Marcius, the fourth Roman king, as the city's first colony. It was created somewhere in the 7th century BC. It offers a window into the early Romans' way of life and has been well-preserved. Ostia Antica served as Rome's principal harbour during the classical era. At the confluence of the river and the sea, it was constructed around 335 BC.

Though initially planned for military use, it quickly developed into a significant commercial hub, seeing ships arrive from all over the world. Eventually, it expanded to become a town with 50,000 residents. But in the fourth century AD, foreign invaders destroyed Ostia Antica. The town progressively deteriorated, and as the shoreline sank, its use as a port ceased. Excavations of Ostia Antica began in the 19th century, revealing well-preserved buildings, mosaics, and artworks.

The public is welcome to view the artefacts in the on-site museum. You can also witness many attractions such as The House of Diana, The Thermopolium, The Baths of Porta Marina and The Capitolium. Plan your visit to Ostia Antica when you are in Rome and delve into its extensive history. Purchase Ostia Antica tickets in advance to ensure a hassle-free trip to this well-preserved site.  

Why Visit Ostia Antica?

  • Ostia Antica stands out as one of the best-preserved ancient Roman cities - Unlike more famous sites like the Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome, Ostia Antica is one of the best preserved over the centuries. So, get your Ostia Antica tickets online and make your visit hassle-free. 

  • Offers a unique perspective on ancient Rome - Compared to other ancient Roman ruins, Ostia Antica provides a unique viewpoint on Roman life. Viewers can observe how the city's closeness to the sea influenced its way of life, culture, and architecture.

  • Less-crowded - Compared to other Rome tourist attractions, Ostia Antica is less crowded. This means that you can explore the attractions at your own pace without feeling rushed. Additionally, it is advised to buy Ostia Antica tickets in advance to skip the queues during peak seasons. 

  • Easy to get to - You can easily reach Ostia Antica from Rome. You can explore this well-preserved ancient Roman city without the need for extensive travel. For added convenience, book Ostia Antica Rome tickets online and enter the attraction without waiting in line.

Book Ostia Antica Tickets


  • Explore Ostia Antica with Ostia Antica tickets, an ancient Roman harbour city that served as a vital hub for trade and commerce.
  • Marvel at the well-preserved structures like theatre, intricate mosaics, and public baths.
  • Wander through ancient streets which highlight the city’s advanced urban planning and visit well-preserved shops and homes.
  • Immerse yourself in the House of Diana’s exquisite frescoes and the grandeur of the Capitolium’s temples.
  • Gain insights into daily Roman life, from social rituals to public health practices.
  • With Ostia Antica tickets online, you’ll get a chance to appreciate the architectural splendour and cultural richness of Ostia Antica.
  • Witness the city’s historical significance as a crucial gateway to Rome’s trade routes and maritime activities.
  • Experience the vibrant Forum, once a bustling centre of social and political life.
  • Visiting Ostia Antica allows you to dive deeper into this archaeological site and witness the grandeur of a bygone era.


  • Ostia Antica tickets grant access to the archaeological site and explore the well-preserved ruins of the ancient Roman city.
  • Get a captivating glimpse of the past through the remarkable preservation of this ancient Rome city.
  • Wander through a variety of structures, including theatres, baths, temples, and residential buildings which are still used for cultural events.
  • Learn about the daily life, customs, and history of ancient Rome as you stroll around the site.
  • For a deeper experience, book your guided tours or audio guides which offer additional historical and cultural context at an extra cost.
  • The tickets also include self-guided tours where you can explore the site at your own pace and gain insights into the history of this archaeological site.
  • There are no entry fees for children under the age of 18, making it a family-friendly destination.
  • You can also enjoy any special events or exhibitions that might be covered in your tickets.

Why to Book Ostiaan Tickets Online?

Convenience: Opting for online ticket purchases streamlines your itinerary planning process, allowing for flexibility if desired dates are unavailable.

Time-saving: Skip the queues by booking tickets online, ensuring direct entry to the attraction, saving valuable time during your visit.

Discounts: Enjoy cost savings through online bookings with access to special discounts, maximizing your budget while experiencing the attraction hassle-free.

Things to See at Ostia Antica


The Theatre at Ostia Antica stands as one of the world's oldest masonry theatres. With a seating capacity of 4,000 people, is still in outstanding shape today. You can observe the four stairways that spectators used to access the seats in the theatre. Additionally, the main barrel-vaulted entrance of the Theatre provided direct access to the level where the orchestra played. You can admire this amazing work of art with your Ostia Antica tickets.


The Capitolium at Ostia Antica was constructed of brick and dates back to 120 AD. It is a huge temple honouring the Capitoline Triad of Juno, Jupiter, and Minerva. The Capitolium is the only surviving structure from the city's Forum, which served as the principal civic and religious hub of ancient Rome. It also represents the official Rome cult being imposed on the new community. 

The Baths of Porta Marina

Porta Marina which dates back to around the 1st century BC was a large spa complex, constructed around 110 AD. It featured a gym area and a spa section, including a changing room with a black and white mosaic of athletes. Additionally, a polychrome mosaic decorates the cold bathroom with a large swimming pool added later. The southern section of the complex housed heated rooms.  

The Public Latrines (Forica)

The Public Latrines exhibit the best examples of Roman plumbing. The Latrines had twenty seats on a communal bench that ran along three walls and could be accessed by a revolving door. These seats were all equipped with a hole that descended to a single drainage channel. Buy tickets to Ostia Antica and witness one of the best-preserved structures in Ostia Antica.

Piazza of the Corporations

The Piazza of Corporations, also known as the Piazzale delle Corporazioni, served as the Roman Empire's main hub for trade and business. This outdoor market, which is situated in the important port city of Ostia, was crucial to Rome since it offered a wide variety of exotic commodities from other countries. Here, traders assembled to offer shipping services, food giraffes and elephants for sale.

House of Diana

House of Diana is a three-story apartment building in Ostia known for its exceptional preservation. The four-story House of Diana was built in the second century AD. Its name comes from a painting at the building's entrance that features Diana the Huntress. The black and white mosaic tile floors that cover the ground floor are a defining feature. Explore everything in this place seamlessly by booking Ostia Antica tickets in advance. 

Know Before You Book Ostia Antica Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach


The location of Ostia Antica is Viale dei Romagnoli, 717, 00119 Roma RM, Italy.


The opening hours of Ostia Antica are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. Also, this archaeological site remains closed on Mondays and 25th December every year. This archaeological site is easily accessible by public transport.

Best Time to visit:

The best time to book your tickets for Ostia Antica is during the Spring season from April to June and fall from September to October. This is the perfect time when the weather gets pleasant and you’ll encounter fewer crowds. Also, the Summer season from July to August can be hot, and the site may be crowded with tourists. Additionally, the Winter season from November to March is cooler, however, it’s an excellent time for a quieter visit. To avoid crowds, consider visiting during the early morning or late afternoon and exploring the site hassle-free without feeling rushed.

By Foot: From Ostia Train Station, it is a short walk of approximately 1.5 kilometres to Ostia Antica. It will take around 15-20 minutes to reach Ostia Antica by foot. You can enjoy a scenic stroll from the station to this archaeological site.

By Metro: If coming by metro, take the line B and get off at Piramide. From Piramide, you can take a Roma Lido commuter to reach Ostia Antica. From this station, the Ostia Antica is just a short 10-minute walk away.

By Car: Reaching Ostia Antica by car involves a drive of approximately 31 kilometres which will take around 35 minutes to reach. The route provides a convenient and efficient way for visitors to access Ostia Antica.

By Bus: To reach Ostia Antica by bus from Rome, take Bus 04 from Porta San Paolo. The journey covers approximately 30 kilometres and will take around 50-55 minutes to reach.

  • Ostia Antica has a dedicated visitor centre that provides crucial information, maps, and assistance to enhance your experience.

  • Ostia Antica offers wheelchair-friendly paths and ramps to facilitate the exploration of this site for visitors with mobility challenges.

  • Well-maintained restroom facilities are available for your convenience.

  • Souvenir shops offer a variety of items, allowing you to take home mementoes of your Ostia Antica experience.

  • Washrooms are available throughout Ostia Antica, providing you comfort during your exploration.

  • Family-friendly facilities include designated baby-changing stations, catering to you if you’ve young children with you.

  • You can find comfortable accommodation in the nearby town of Ostia.


What is the price of Ostia Antica Tickets?

The price of Ostia Antica tickets for adults is around € 19 per person (INR approx 1700). However, the ticket price for EU citizens between 18 and 25 years old is around € 3 per person (INR approx 270). You can get great deals and discounts on these ticket prices when you book them online in advance.

Can I Book Ostia Antica Tickets online?

Yes, you can book your Ostia Antica tickets online in advance. By doing so, you'll get great deals and discounts on the ticket price. Also, you’ll get instant confirmation of your bookings and receive an e-voucher in your email. By booking your tickets online, you can secure your visit on your preferred date and time, and skip the long queues at the ticket counter.

Is it necessary to book Ostia Antica Tickets online?

No, it is not necessary to book your tickets online. You can get your tickets at the entrance of the Ostia Antica. However, if you’re planning a visit during peak tourist season, then it is recommended to book your tickets online to save time and avoid potential lines. Online booking can also provide the convenience of securing your tickets on your preferred date and time and avail heavy discounts.

What are the inclusions of Ostia Antica Tickets?

The tickets for Ostia Antica include comprehensive access to the entire archaeological site. With your tickets, you’ll get access to well-preserved structures like theatres, baths, temples, and residential areas. Also, the tickets offer self-guided tours which allows you to explore the site at your own pace. However, there are guided tours and audio guides available to enhance your overall experience.

What is the price of Ostia Antica Tickets for Kids?

Visitors under the age of 18 can enjoy free entry to Ostia Antica when accompanied by an adult. The ticket price for visitors of age between 18-25 is around € 19 per person (INR approx 1700). However, the ticket price for EU citizens between 18 and 25 years is around € 3 per person (INR approx 270).

Should I Book Ostia Antica Tickets in advance?

Yes, you can book your tickets to Ostia Antica in advance, especially if you’re visiting during peak season. It is recommended to book your tickets online in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments and secure your visit on your preferred date and time. Also, with online booking, you can skip the long queues at the ticket counter and ensure your visit to the site.

Why is Ostia Antica so famous?

Ostia Antica stands out as one of the finest-preserved ancient Roman cities, offering a captivating insight into the daily life of the Roman Empire. This archaeological site, once the bustling harbour of ancient Rome, features well-preserved structures like theatres, baths, temples, and residential areas. The blend of historical significance, architectural splendour, and the immersive experience makes it one of the best destinations to visit in Italy.

Is there any dress code for Ostia Antica?

While there isn’t any strict dress code at Ostia Antica, it is still advisable to wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes. Also, make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking inside this archaeological site. Additionally, if you plan to visit any religious sites within the complex, it’s respectful to cover your shoulders and knees.

What are the opening hours of the Ostia Antica?

The opening hours of Ostia Antica are from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. However, this archaeological site remains closed on Mondays and 25th December. However, the timings may vary depending on the season, maintenance, or any special events.

What is the best time to visit Ostia Antica?

The best time to visit Ostia Antica is during early morning or late afternoon. During this time, the site is less crowded, allowing you a more serene and enjoyable experience. Cooler temperatures in the morning and the soft lighting in the late afternoon can contribute to your overall experience at this site.


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